QUESTION: Would YOU Love It If Ivanka STOMPED Gay Dude’s Ass For Berating Her?

Published on December 23, 2016

The guy that was harassing Ivanka on the plane was a real douche. Really, who does that?

Ivanka and her kids took the high road in this exchange.

If you’ve actually READ the reports, she didn’t even think the blowhard a-hole (who identifies as a whiny priss) should be ejected from the plane.

Said again, using words even the Professor could understand: ‘Hey DUMBASS… SHE was actually DEFENDING you and trying to keep your sorry backside from being thrown off the plane.’

And ‘SHE’ is the ‘evil’ one.

Let’s play ‘Alternate History’. Let’s for one moment imagine her to be EXACTLY the Personification of Evil this professor describes her to be. (For the ‘Great Sin’ of not sharing his politics.)

How would it have played out?

Would she have walked up to him and delivered a throat-punch? Eye gouge? Groin kick?

(Maybe that last one wouldn’t work on someone who thinks picking on a mother with preschool children in tow seems like a good time for a fight.)

Maybe she could just lay a straight-up (pun intended) old fashioned beating on him. She looks like she takes care of herself. Him… not so much.

It never happened that way, though.

Because the only DEMONSTRABLY evil person here is the a–hole who picks a fight and deletes his Twitter when he has to pay a social price.

There are social consequences for upgrading your status from being just a Village Idiot to a National one.

Congrats to him. He just paid them.