Published on December 2, 2016

A generation ago it wasn’t even a question. But how will Americans answer today?

Trump made another fine speech. It’s the kind we would never hear Obama make. It was about love of country, and allegiance to America, rather than some ‘global community’.

America does not swear allegiance to any global community… nor use a global currency… nor have ‘global’ values (whatever those might be from day to day).

American allegiance has historically been to a particular set of ideas. Ideas, which acted upon, were the SPECIFIC reason America was catapulted from being an obscure outpost in the New World to the singular global powerhouse in terms of Commerce, Education, Opportunity, Innovation and yes, the military strength to push back anyone who might want to ‘put us in our place’.

But we’ve had politicians representing us who have a greater committment to some abstract notion of an ‘International Community’, have suggested America be subject to World Courts.

Now, Trump is stepping up to be President.

He speaks openly about a love of America, of One Flag, of a NATIONAL identity.

Who’s got it right? Obama and his affection for ‘global Community’? Or Trump and his love of America. Or maybe you’re the guy who just wants everyone to leave you alone to live your life.

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