WOW: Rosie REPENTS To Melania Trump, Then Does THIS To Her Twitter Acct

Published on December 2, 2016

Even ROSIE knows she was out of line, the apology was overdue … but we weren’t expecting her to go this far!

Here is the apology she tweeted to Melania.


The former View host tweeted out a video back on November 21 that suggested 10-year-old Barron was autistic, writing: ‘Barron Trump autistic? If so – what an amazing opportunity to bring attention to the AUTISM epidemic.’

Soon after the video, which made a case for Barron having autism by pointing out his behavior was consistent with the condition, began to spread. DailyMail

Regular readers will remember when ClashDaily covered that story. The outrage was immediate and understandable.

So what did the professional loudmouth do next? For her, it was almost unthinkable.

She switched her Twitter account to ‘Private’.

Poor Rosie. How will she feed her towering ego if she can’t make her opinions heard by the dozens of people lined up to hear them?

Did her apology cut it? Did it go far enough? And how long can she last before she goes back to her usual loudmouth trash-talking self? (The Comment section is open!)

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