RUSH: While Trump Tours To Thank America… Look What The Hildebeast Is Up To!

Written by K. Walker on December 8, 2016

Don’t blame racism or sexism. This – RIGHT HERE – is why people loved Trump more than Hillary.

It was a running theme throughout the election. We at ClashDaily mentioned it often. This story said it better than most. DEAR AMERICA: Did TRUMP Do The RIGHT Thing Helping Flood Victims? (Hillary Doesn’t Think So)

Trump made time to be with the American PUBLIC… And Hillary made time to be with her DONORS.

‘El Rushbo’ called her out on his show:

Trump is going out thanking the people who voted for him, thanking the people who stuck by him when it would have been easy to abandon him. It would have been easy to throw him overboard. And, by the way, if I may interject something personal: I can relate to that. You people have stuck with me through any number of episodes that had you abandon me, it would have made perfect sense. But you haven’t. You have stuck there. You have stayed in this audience.

You’ve maintained its size, and you’ve even grown it all over again here. And I have never-ending, deep appreciation for all of you, and I think Trump is the same way with his voters. He has almost a personal connection and understanding with every one of them. And what’s Hillary doing? Hillary is going to the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan to a very exclusive and relatively small ballroom (only 450 people) to thank who?

Her fat-cat donors. She is thanking the money people. She’s not thanking supporters. She’s not thanking people who believed in her for her ideas and substance and her personally. She’s doing a thank-you for the money, largely because she wants them to continue giving it to her. Make no mistake about that. And that is almost the difference in the two campaigns, in a nutshell. It’s a stark contrast.Rush Limbaugh

And that’s it in a nutshell.

We had Hillary pegged all along. And ‘We The People’ saw right through her.

She wasn’t in it for US… for America… for Public Service in its original meaning.

Nope. It was all about her.

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