VIRAL: This Little Girl’s T-Shirt About Her GRANDPAW Is MELTING The Internet

Published on December 8, 2016

Little girls are adorable. Add an awesomely quotable T-shirt? They go viral. That’s what happened here. Check it out.

This little one is a real sweetheart.


This is what the Left doesn’t seem to ‘get’ about us.

For the most part, conservatives just want to be left alone to focus on the important things in life. Family. Friends. Faith. An honest living.

We’re pretty easy to get along with. Until YOU do something that threatens or hurts someone WE care about.

In politics… this includes the sort of nation and laws we leave for our kids and grandkids.

When you see us get REALLY fierce… it isn’t over the BS things the Left thinks are super-important. Like whether enough left-handed albino Polynesians have been elected to public office.

But when you make changes that will leave crippling debt for our kids? Leave America less safe? Leave us exposed to the whims of the Next would-be Hitler or Emporer Hirohito?

When you ‘fundamentally transform America’?

Then you will see us get mean. We’re not fighting for ourselves. We’re fighting for all the little boys and girls like THIS one who are counting on us NOT to drop the ball.

Share if kids like her are WHY we fight so fiercely.