SHOCKING: Refugees Deployed As Security Guards On New Year’s Eve 2015 — In COLOGNE

Really, Germany? Just have the undocumented foxes running the henhouse…

German officials thought it was a good idea to have migrants drive trucks, too.

A new report has been released showing that a number of refugees were sent out on New Year’s Eve as security personnel in Cologne, Germany. And they didn’t receive any prior training.

New Year’s Eve in Cologne was out of control despite police presence.

That whole rape-y nature of some Muslim men was evidenced 1,310 times on New Year’s Eve in Cologne.

German citizens are now afraid to walk the streets.

There was concern about the unknown background of the men, but went ahead with the program anyway.

On the night 59 asylum seekers were stationed on bridges across the Rhine to assist in a mammoth security operation aimed at stopping any trouble…

…The security firm Westturm was in charge of hiring the migrants who were told to have a ‘basic mastery of the German language and to bring along warm clothing.’

Bild newspaper today published a list of those who were hired. Most came from North Africa, Syria and Afghanistan.

They were paid just five euros an hour (£4.25) – little more than half of the statutory minumum wage in Germany.

But the city of Cologne was billed three times as much by the security agency which recruited them, said the report…

…Five of the 20 refugees on the Zoo Bridge vanished from their posts almost immediately – but timesheets of the Westturm firm showed the city was billed five hours for each of them.

On the Deutzer bridge a guard called Arif had to quit his post because he was drunk and his replacement, a man called Süyleman, left after two hours’ work.

On the Hohenzollern Bridge refugee Kemal lost his radio and then walked off the job almost immediately after starting his shift.
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It’s terrifying to think that people that haven’t had proper background checks are given a level of authority like that.

And a bunch of them just left their posts.

But hey, I guess we can’t expect more from them.

They did the same with their homeland.

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