WAR ON COPS: Ambush-Style KILLING Of Officers Hits 20-Year High

Has 2016 signaled a ‘War on Cops’? Is there an anti-Law Enforcement sentiment growing in the United States?

These things don’t help:

– the rise of Black Lives Matter
– protests over every police shooting
– claims of institutional racism in American Police Forces
– a President that rushes to judgement against the Police before all facts are known
– asshats like Kaepernick and his stupid pig socks

They have all undermined confidence in the objectivity of police officers in the minds of many.

There seems to be a general sentiment of unease and distrust of law enforcement in many communities.

Sometimes individuals take things to violent extremes.

The number of ambush-style killings of police officers in the U.S. reached a two-decade high this year, pushing law enforcement fatalities to their highest rate in five years, with 135 officers killed in the line of duty, according to a year-end report by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

Shootings were the number one cause of death for law enforcement in 2016, claiming the lives of 64 officers — including eight gunned down in two ambush attacks in Dallas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in July. The report notes 21 of the officers were shot and killed in ambush-style attacks.

Firearms-related deaths were up 56 percent over the 41 officers killed by gunfire in 2015, but are still far below the all-time high of 156 officers killed by gunfire in 1973.
Read more: Washington Times

Let’s pray that 2017 is a much better year for Law Enforcement Officers.

We appreciate what they do and what they stand for.


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