TERRIFYING! Are You Ready For Hillary 2020 – The RETURN Of The Hildebeest?!

Published on December 27, 2016

Oh, Please, God, don’t let it come to this! Don’t make us listen to her speeches again!

The Left has a some really big problems. Two of them could come back to haunt us.

The Clintonian machine left no room for rivals to build a brand. So the Democrats, essentially, have no bullpen.

Even this year, only Bernie Sanders and that other guy ran against Hillary.

Seriously..? There were NO other interested and ambitious parties on the Left who wanted a crack at the top job? No senators who’d paid their dues? No kingmakers of yesteryear who thought their time had finally come? No wild mavericks who wanted their shot at the ring?

Or did they all hold back rather than run against Hillary ‘I wouldn’t cross me if you know what’s good for you’ Clinton?

And now? Hillary herself was a dud. She lost to a supposed laughingstock. Which makes her… something worse than a laughingstock, one would assume.

Abject failure, maybe?

But there is another problem. Hillary is a political animal who has made her money selling access to power. And now she has no access to power.

She could go back into regional politics, but that would be seen as a demotion for the old crone.

Whatever should she do?

Crank up her campaign for NEXT time, of course!


Can that photo be right? Maybe.

We were expecting something a little more like that character from ‘The Dark Crystal’


Or maybe that old ‘Cryptkeeper’ character:


It WILL be four years from now. (If her ‘magnificent’ health holds out.)

Either way, you know Bill will be endorsing her.

No, really. What’s the alternative… having her sitting around at home? Do you think Bill really wants THAT to happen?

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