TRUMP VS. SOROS: Soros SLAMS Trump – If YOU Were Trump How Would You RETALIATE?

Published on December 30, 2016

The Election was bought and paid for, but Hillary couldn’t deliver for Soros. And now he’s pissed.

The man who has singlehandedly toppled foreign economies for fun and profit and has dumped Mountains of cash into all sorts of political action groups. Many of them with UGLY track records. All of them pushing his PERSONAL agenda.

He said THIS about Trump… but WE are looking at his statements in the context of George’s OWN past. And his past is NOT worth praising.

Billionaire financier George Soros lashed out at President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday, calling him ‘a con artist’ and a ‘would-be dictator’ whose election this past November was a ‘powerful boost’ to the ‘forces of disintegration.’

Soros, the Hungarian-born magnate who supported Hillary Clinton’s candidacy as well as other liberal causes worldwide, says that the rise of Trump and his affinity for rulers like Russian President Vladimir Putin threaten the open society model championed by the European Union.

‘Democracy is now in crisis,’ Soros writes in Project Syndicate.

‘Even the US, the world’s leading democracy, elected a con artist and would-be dictator as its president.’

George Soros is rich enough to buy his own foreign policy, but is it wise to let him have one?

Soros’ strange pattern of investments and gifts, especially in the former-Soviet states of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, amounts to a personal foreign policy.

While other rich men fund think tanks and charities abroad, the sheer scale of Soros’ spending sets him apart. Soros, through foundations and his Open Society Institutes, pours some $500 million per year into organizations in the former Soviet world, according to their own estimates. That, in many cash-starved countries, is enough capital to change who runs the capital.

…Soros’ foreign policy is different. He pursues his own vision, undisturbed by his effect on other nations or the interests of his own. It is hard for foreign governments to hold him accountable and his goals and methods are usually kept secret.

While the risks of Soros’ foreign policy to the U.S. are clear, they are clearly ignored by Washington policy makers and the White House press corps. Why? read more:–Forbes

Soros is worried about anti-Democracy and ‘fake news’ but look where his money goes. (This could explain why Obama is in such a hurry to side against Israel.)

Last week, a trove of hacked documents was released detailing the international operations of billionaire George Soros. The leak’s contents offered a window into the activism of one of the world’s most powerful liberal elites. Among the many items revealed in the tranche was the substantial web of Israel/Palestine organizations funded by Soros’s Open Society Foundations (OSF)—most critical of Israeli policy, and some critical of the Jewish state’s right to exist. One of the grantees listed was Wattan News, a Palestinian media outlet with over 2.7 million followers on Facebook, which received a hefty $405,000 from OSF from 2012 to 2014. An inquiry to OSF confirmed that Wattan remains a grantee today.

That same Wattan News, several bloggers soon observed, has been publishing anti-Semitic content in the form of an article series advocating “anti-Zionism” that has run for the past month. The first installment pushed the discredited conspiracy theory that today’s Jews are frauds who are descended from a people known as the Khazars and then stole the mantle of the true Jews. (Thus, today’s Jews are not really the subjects of the Bible or native to the Middle East.) The second piece claimed that the Jews invented the myth of being a “chosen people” to manipulate and extort the gentiles. The third piece denied the historical Jewish connection to the land of Israel entirely. The fourth piece explicitly denied the Holocaust, citing notorious anti-Semites and deniers like David Irving and Ernst Zundel. Collectively, the series essentially denied Jewish peoplehood, history, and suffering.

read more: —Tablet Mag

Really, what Soros is most worried about is the fact that Trump might cut the puppet strings Soros has been cultivating in Washington. Clashdaily has addressed the friendship between Soros’s son and Tim Kaine. That friendship would have put Soros in a very lucrative position to both SHAPE American policy and profit from it. Think of this as the ultimate form of Insider Trading.

Soros is the personification, in one name, of the Swamp Trump was sent to Washington to drain.

His activities should be investigated, and if laws have been broken, throw the book at him.

Options including the freezing of his assets, and revocation of passport should be considered. He’s probably cagey and connected enough to avoid direct consequences like prison even if he were tried.

As it stands now, he’s been named with BLM in the wrongful death lawsuit for the murder of Police.

This is the same guy who said, with no hint of irony: ‘Quite simply, many people felt that the elites had stolen their democracy.’

Really? The ‘Progressive’ Extremist is worried about what’s being called the most conservative cabinet since Reagan?

Only to a guy who thinks smashing an economy and profiting from it is OK for a ‘humanitarian’ would be worried about a conservative cabinet.

Maybe he’s worried what lurking secrets might surface if that swamp really DOES get drained?

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