QUESTION: Monster Rapes & Kills 14yr. Old Girl With SLEDGEHAMMER – Should He Be EXECUTED?

Published on December 30, 2016

Is this someone YOU would offer leniency to? Or would you fire up ‘Old Sparky’?

A man who was sentenced to death in 1995 for raping and murdering the 14-year-old daughter of his girlfriend was granted a reprieve Thursday by Washington state Governor Jay Inslee.

Clark Elmore has never contested killing Kristy Ohnstad, whom he choked unconscious, stabbed in the head with a skewer and beat to death with a sledgehammer.

But Inslee, who has already stopped all executions in the state, granted the reprieve to Elmore Thursday, citing a ‘lack of clear deterrent value, high frequency of sentence reversal on appeal, and rising cost,’ The Bellingham Herald reported.

…Elmore is the first of Washington’s death row inmates to exhaust his appeals.

Elmore, of Bellingham, killed Kristy in a van south of the city in 1995 after she threatened to report him for abusing her as a child.

After she went missing, Elmore pretended he was grieving and helped organize a search party to find her.

When her body was found, Elmore fled before reconsidering and turning himself in to authorities. Elmore pleaded guilty as charged to aggravated first-degree murder.

At the penalty phase, a Whatcom County jury found no good cause to show leniency. He was sentenced to death May 3, 1996. — DailyMail

So… a JURY saw no reason for leniency. The guy slaughtered his victim in one of the most horrific ways one might possibly imagine and the Governor’s gut response is leniency?

Maybe Clark should move in to the Governor’s mansion while Inslee reconsiders this policy? Maybe seeing evil face to face would bring this issue into clearer focus.

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