WATCH: Germany’s ‘Cultural Enrichment’ Of Embracing Islam Has SERIOUSLY Backfired!

Published on December 11, 2016

Remember those lovely ‘welcome refugees’ rallies in Germany? Are German citizens suffering any ‘buyers’ remorse’ yet?

Have you ever wondered what social impact bringing in roughly 1 million ‘refugees’ composed mainly of young, military age, healthy men could have on a country?

Well, now we have GOVERNMENT statistics to back it up.

[Spoiler alert… it isn’t pretty. Especially if you are a woman, or even child (male OR female) who does not like the idea of being forcibly raped by one or more strangers.]

And in light of all these plans… what do people like Obama, Hillary and Canada’s prissy PM Trudeau (of #trudeaueuologies fame) want to do? They want to fast-track immigration of these same groups of people who are causing such problems.

News flash… we don’t need a mass-importation of young, military age men. If the situation is so ‘dire’… where are their women and children?

Could it be that Middle Eastern countries just passing off their own explosive demographics problem on the West? If WE deal with it they won’t have to.

Are massive numbers of unemployed (or is it unemployable?) young men who might otherwise gather in groups and cause trouble locally as bandits intentionally being shipped North?

Share if we reserve our compassion for people in actual NEED not those who would exploit us.