WATCH: Leftists Attack a Guy Wearing a ‘BUILD THE WALL’ Shirt — Check Out His Response

Published on December 3, 2016

Liberal fashion police show up and start bullying a stranger. Because ‘Love Trumps Hate’. Here’s how he reacts.

Arrogant. Obnoxious. Belligerent. And they think they’re so much better than a Trump supporter. Bullsh-t like this is exactly why Hillary lost.

He was minding his own business and actually ASKED to be left alone. He wasn’t expecting the ‘Spanish Inquisiton’.


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Right — why would he expect to be interrupted from his work by some pompous, butthurt liberals spoiling for a fight?

How DARE he wear the wrong shirt on THEIR turf?

What exactly is WRONG with these spoiled liberals? Is this a Crips / Bloods turf war thing? You wore Republican colors in California! You gotta pay a price!

Don’t they have a riot to attend? Or male lactating classes? Or a Better Living Through Kale seminar? No.

They need to harass a minority. And by minority, we mean a Republican in California.

‘Dude’ (we don’t actually KNOW his name, but they were happy to ‘name’ him racist about 70 times), tries really hard to disengage. But they get right in his space, film him, and mock him incessantly. Witness the TOLERANCE in all it’s Glory!

“Don’t wear s**t like that here”

They ask him if he lives there. They call him names. They do everything but call him deplorable.

Four more years of this and Republicans will have an even BIGGER majority next time around.

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