VIDEO: Watch THIS Idiot LiveStream His Speeding and RECKLESS DRIVING Until He…

Police called this a ‘Grand Slam Of Things Not To Do: phone in his hand, no seat belt, traveling at a high rate of speed, in and out of traffic…’

In other words, this Moron is why they invented the ‘Darwin Awards‘.

He hasn’t won one yet, but at this rate, it shouldn’t take long.

This boy is Weapons. Grade. Stupid.

Pro tip: NEVER use a Dump Truck to stop your car… It ends badly.

Here is the ‘Facebook Live’ Video:

When you’re going 116 MPH? It ends REALLY badly.

Here is what’s left of his car:


Damn. His idiot friends must have called an ambulance for him. Luckily for him, he survived.

This time.

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