YO, CNN: MILO Rockets to #2 On Amazon 1 Day After Announcing Book

Written by K. Walker on December 30, 2016

All the Leftists melting down and giving Milo Yiannopoulos free advertizing via social media is boosting pre-order sales of his book. That’s hilarious!

If you don’t know who Milo Yiannopoulos is, here’s a quick bio:

– Tech Editor for Breitbart
– raised Catholic
– maternal Grandmother was Jewish (which makes him Jewish because of Matrilineality.)
– YUGE Trump supporter that calls him ‘Daddy Trump’
he is gay, but has angered the LGBTQ crowd by saying it’s ‘more nurture than nature’
claims he only dates black men
– his speaking tour was called the ‘Dangerous Faggot Tour’
the most ‘disinvited’ as a speaker at college campuses this year
has a lifetime Twitter ban because of his initial tweets and those of his followers ‘trolling’ of Ghostbusters actress, Leslie Jones
– revels in his ‘controversial’ status
– many on the Right squirm when they see his name

Perez Hilton, Gossip Blogger was livid at the announcement and called Milo a ‘troll’ and a ‘walking sack of maggots’.

He filed the news under ‘Icky Icky Poo’. (How very adult!):


Prior to the deletion, [of Yiannopoulos’s Twitter account] Milo (who in a bizarre twist is gay) would regularly attack members of the LGBT community, people of color, and pro-Hillary Clinton supporters. Yiannopoulous’ sick behavior makes sense considering he’s an editor at the Steve Bannon led Breitbart News Network — the Alt-Right sanctuary that appears to pride itself on being a haven for those [who] revel in hate speech.

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Yes, Perez Hilton really did write that.

And, yes, he probably is oblivious to the irony of denouncing a website ‘that appears to pride itself on being a haven for those [who] revel in hate speech’ as a gossip blogger. A gossip blogger that just called Milo a ‘walking sack of maggots’.

But nobody really cares what Perez Hilton says. He’s just another mouth-piece for the anti-conservative sentiment that is prevalent in the Democrat-bubbles in the US.

MILO’s upcoming book DANGEROUS has jumped to the number two bestseller spot on Amazon, months before the book is even released.

The $250,000 book deal with publisher Simon & Schuster led to a Twitter storm yesterday that saw “Milo” become the number one trending topic on the site as leftists expressed their outrage over MILO’s success.
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The book is sitting behind Star Wars star Carrie Fisher’s Autobiography.

Loud-mouth Sarah Silverman couldn’t help but respond to the book deal:

The oh-so-grown up comment ‘YUCK AND BOO AND GROSS’ could also be applied to her career, including the movie ‘Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic’. Here’s a quick review if you haven’t/don’t ever plan to see it. (I know it’s not on my ‘Must Watch’ list.)

The songs include a mocking ode to the stars of pornographic movies, which Ms. Silverman performs in a velvet evening gown; a perky sendup of racial sensitivities; and a version of “Amazing Grace” in three-part multi-orifice harmony…

…Most of the humor in “Jesus Is Magic” depends on the scandal of hearing a nice, middle-class Jewish girl make jokes about rape, anal sex, the Holocaust and AIDS. She makes fun of religion. She riffs on 9/11.
Read more: New York Times

The Media (D) is also going crazy:

He’s hilariously being called a ‘white nationalist’ by the Editor-In-Chief of Think Progress:

Pop Culture writer for Fast Company called Yiannopoulos a ‘Neo-Nazi’:

LA Times Book Reviewer, Carolyn Kellogg tweets:

Suddenly, ‘Freedom of Association’ is a thing on the Left.

Really, Chicago Review of Books?

Is it because you’re homophobic, anti-Semitic or anti-Catholic?

If you don’t want to review any books by Simon & Schuster, then obviously you must support the same right of an Oregon bakery run by Christians to not bake a cake for a gay wedding?

(Muslim Bakeries don’t do it either, but the Media (D) is silent on that.)

Conservatives have been fighting for the rights of freedom of conscience and association.

It’s the Progressives that are forcing the association and want the censoring of views they don’t like.

One final Tweet:

Isn’t it hilarious to watch the Left meltdown when they are faced with ideas and speech that they don’t like?

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