YO, GERMANY: Your Stupid Leader Tried To FORCE Truck Unions To Hire MUSLIMS

Published on December 24, 2016

Not since Neville Chamberlin has any World leader shown such an ASTOUNDING ability to be on the wrong side of BIG issues.

Eventually, you’d think Merkel would be on the right side of an issue, even if only by accident.

You would think wrong.

But as the country mourns the tragedy ahead of the festive season, it was revealed that Merkel had put massive pressure on unions to speed up the process in which unskilled refugees could be trained as lorry drivers.

The German leader said in September companies should “consider hiring and training refugees as lorry drivers” while they are awaiting their asylum procedure as there is a “big shortage of lorry drivers in the country.”

She said that the plan was to get a change in the rules to make it cheaper for them to apply for a licence, with the plan for them to pay just £420 (500€) to swap a Syrian driving licence for a German one.

Unveiling the plan she said: “We all need to be ready to implement practical solutions. We have only recently discussed in the Cabinet the possibilities of allowing a Syrian driving licence to be converted to a German one for 500€.

In SEPTEMBER she was PRESSURING unions to do something they themselves had no interest in doing… Putting strangers in the cabs of Tractor-trailers. What… were there no positions available for refugees to work as PILOTS? Seriously, what could POSSIBLY go wrong?



Let’s see… OSU… Nice… and now BERLIN?

You mean this was a tactic that any alert observer could have anticipated if they were not blinded by ideology?


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