1st LADY OF BITTERNESS: MO Sides With LOOPY Lewis About Trump Being ‘ILLEGIT’

Published on January 16, 2017

Grace and Class… why would she start showing them now..?

The birthday of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. You’d hope this would be the ONE day where race-baiting would be put aside, and they would give at least TOKEN appreciation of his famous ‘content of their character’ dream.

Without context, this tweet by Michelle Obama might actually seem benign.

But as any student of history can tell you, context is everything.

In the dying embers of their time in the White House, Michelle Obama cannot HELP but pounce on opportunities to be petty and bitter. She wants to get in on this!

What’s the problem with this tweet?

It happened to specifically name and take sides with someone who has landed himself in controversy with the incoming President.

Rep John Lewis (best remembered for is work in the Civil Rights Era) tweeted that he was going to skip Trump’s inauguration because he views him as illegitimate.

Trump (no surprise) answered back. And there was a bit of a Twitter war. In naming @repjohnlewis in her tweet, she’s taking sides.

Was that such a perfect plan? Uh… maybe not.

Looks like she lost this round.

Even Piers Morgan (he really IS on a roll lately) is calling him out.

Maybe it would be better if Michelle Obama just step back and let the two men that Americans actually ELECTED as President be center stage until she can finish loading the moving van.

Good by, Michelle… and good riddance.

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