YAHOO! The Obamas Start To VACATE The White House – Share If You LOVE This!

We’re finally here, Patriots! How excited are you that the Obamas will be leaving the White House?

Moving vans were spotted on Monday outside the DC residence that President Obama and his family will be moving into come next week.

The Obamas will will(sic) be taking up residence in a 8,200-square-foot-home they have leased in DC, where they decided to stay for two years while Sasha finishes high school…

But, in typical Obama fashion, they’re going on vacation first.

Because, it’s been like 3 weeks since their last one:

…President Obama will be jetting out of Washington DC immediately after Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday and heading to a much warmer climate.

It has been revealed that for his first vacation after he leaves the White House, Obama and his wife Michelle along with their two daughters Malia and Sasha will be heading to sunny Palm Springs, California.

TMZ reports that the family will board a helicopter after leaving the Capitol on Friday which will take them to Andrews Air Force Base, where they will board a government plane for the trip out west.

It will only be a one-way flight however, with the Obamas having to pay for their own tickets home at the end of the trip.

HA! They’ll have to pay for it!


Just like we’ve been doing for 8 freaking years.

It seems only appropriate that we give this musical tribute to the Obama Family:

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