BOOM! Fighter Pilot NUKES Starbucks Over ‘REFUGEE’ Kumbayah Crap – It’s EPIC!

Starbucks hasn’t been shy about supporting the left, and THIS customer had enough!

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz was so incensed over President Trump’s Executive Order that he decided to do something.

He’s made a promise to hire 10,000 refugees in 75 countries over the next 5 years.

Starbucks is no stranger to railing against conservative ideas.

Howard Schultz openly supported Hillary.

Remember that #RaceTogether campaign that had baristas ‘engaging customers in conversations on race relations’?

And, of course, the Coffee shop that promotes ‘diversity’ doesn’t want the business of anyone who supports traditional marriage.

Starbucks just can’t get enough ‘virtue signalling’.


ClashDaily covered that thoroughly in yesterday’s article about the hiring of refugees.

Scott Long, a retired Fighter Pilot, had enough and took action. He then posted this on Facebook:

I just called Starbucks customer service at (800) 782-7282, closed my account, had them send me a refund check, and deleted the app off my phone. The representative said they’re receiving a boat-load of calls from pissed off people who wish they would STFU and just make an over-priced cup of joe. Hello Dunkin’ Donuts!


Many of us have just had enough, apparently.

We just want our coffee.

You’re free to express your opinion, that’s what makes America the greatest nation on earth!

But if you’re the CEO of a company and you politicize your business, well, be prepared to lose customers that may not agree with you.

Good luck, Starbucks.

And, as Scott said, ‘Hello, Dunkin’ Donuts!’

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