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BREAKING: CEO of Major Guitar Amp Company THREATENS Trump Assassination- No Word From CNN

More leftists are upset about President Trump. You know what that means? More ‘assassination’ talk — and Media (D) silence.

ClashDaily has been chronicling the dizzying number of assassination threats on President Trump.

We have a new one to add to our list.

Ted Kornblum, CEO of Magnatone, maker of guitar amplifiers, posted this on Facebook:



I almost feel bad because of the stupidity of these people.

How is it ever a good idea to suggest assassination because you oppose someone’s political views?

As the CEO of a company that sells guitar amps, perhaps Ted just thought he was being all rock’n’roll badass.

Pssst! Dude, you’re not a rebel if you’re the ‘mainstream’.

Magnatone posted an apology on Facebook:


Is it too little too late?

Are you tired of CEOs putting their foots in their mouths and politicizing their businesses?

Let Magnatone know.

Here is the Magnatone Facebook page.  (UPDATE:  Looks like that link is dead, but we’ll just leave it here in case it is resurrected.)

Here is the link to Magnatone on Twitter.

You can email them directly here.

Make certain they know exactly how you feel.

After all, their CEO was pretty forthright.

And he’s not the only one.

Here’s the ClashDaily list of Assassination threats/calls/suggestions on President Trump so far:

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BREAKING: CEO of Major Guitar Amp Company THREATENS Trump Assassination- No Word From CNN


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