BOOM: Jesse James’s Quip Will ENRAGE Ashley Judd … And Her Feminazis

Published on January 30, 2017

Here’s where reality stomps the Feminazi crybullies.

You’re loud and proud.

And nasty.

We get it.

We ALSO ‘get’ that you’re concerned ONLY about your nasty selves.


Well said, Bro!

All you self-professed ‘Nasty’ chicks — especially the gazillionaires who live in gated communities — should pull your heads out once in a while, and notice that you are surrounded by people with ACTUAL problems.

(Looking at YOU Madonna! And Ashley Judd!)

Maybe, you could take an interest in THOSE people.

Our Homeless?

Our Wounded Vets?

(Sometimes they’re even the same people.)

You claim to speak up for those who have no voice?

Put up or shut up!

Do you think this is a lesson in humility they need to hear? Then make it viral!

Share if these arrogant whiners need a dose of reality.