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BREAKING: Shots Fired In Ft Lauderdale Airport… FIVE Reported DEAD (VIDEO)

At least five dead are among the victims in a shooting at Ft Lauderdale Airport … so far… includes known details about the killer.

Update at 18:35 EST …

The man in custody was identified by several officials as Esteban Santiago. Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) publicly identified the shooter as Santiago after being told the name by the head of the Transportation Security Administration, according to Ryan Brown, a spokesman for the senator. A federal law enforcement official also confirmed the name to The Washington Post.

Santiago, 26, was carrying an Army ID, according to three federal law enforcement officials.

He was a passenger on a flight traveling with a checked gun in his baggage, said federal law enforcement officials, who asked to speak on the condition of anonymity to discuss the ongoing investigation. The officials said that Santiago had picked up his bag and took the gun into the bathroom to load it before returning to the baggage claim area to begin firing at people.

John Schlicher, a pastor from Ohio who was in baggage claim when the shooting happened, said in a brief telephone interview that the gunman, who appeared to be wearing a blue “Star Wars” T-shirt, said nothing as he fired at people’s heads.

“He was just shooting randomly into the crowd,” Schlicher said during an interview Friday afternoon broadcast on MSNBC. “There were two people to my left and two people to my right who were shot.” — Washington Post

What do we know about the killer?

Esteban Santiago-Ruiz, said to be an army reservist who had served in Iraq, calmly walked up to his victims and shot them in the head at the baggage reclaim area.

Witnesses said he ran out of bullets before being seized by police, who arrived on the scene in under a minute.

The gunman, who was wearing a Star Wars T-shirt, was led away unharmed, with no shots having been fired by officers.

Santiago-Ruiz, 26, was reported to have flown into Fort Lauderdale from Alaska and his handgun was in his checked-in luggage.

…It was later reported that he changed flights in Minneapolis not Canada.

Santiago’s brother said he had previously received psychological treatment in Alaska and had been getting treatment.

His most recent address was in Naples, Florida, but is said to have previously lived in New Jersey and also Anchorage, Alaska.

Update at 14:41 EST… (possible second active shooter) — second shooter reports turned out to be a false alarm.

Fox News had a witness on the phone describing a possible second incident in the Garage, with possible shots fired. SWAT responded, and police directed everyone to stay down.

Video feed showed people fleeing Terminal One, and others crouching in groups behind vehicles with authorities directng them.

Update at 14:11 EST…

Early reports indicated the shooter has been detained. The airport is now reportedly secure.

Five fatalities among 13 the victims.

Ari Fleisher broke this story before anyone else:

His follow-up…

The story as it was originally shared indicated that shots were fired INSIDE the Ft. Lauderdale airport, suggesting that the gunfire happened in a secure area.

One of the passengers shared video of passengers being directed to the tarmac.

Here was an official response.

The Airport:

The Broward County Sheriff:

There are conflicting reports about whether the shooter is alive or dead, but latest official reports seem to indicate he is in custody.

We do not yet know details about the killer, his motivation, or his nation of origin.

Nor do we yet know details about the victims.

But these things will become clear soon enough.

Cellphone video from the scene (disturbing):


And this…

Share if you’re proud of how quickly authorities in Ft. Lauderdale stepped up.

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