EMERGENCY MEETING: Barack Obama SCRAMBLES to Save His ‘Presidential Legacy’

Written by K. Walker on January 6, 2017

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

Now let me get this straight. Obama called a meeting of his Progressive Democratic Lackeys for January 4, 2016. The purpose is so that he can enlist the Lackeys to save his legacy. Among the most important is Obamacare. Recall that not one of the Lackeys read it before they voted for it. It takes only a brief overview to also realize that it is not only a failure but also did not contain the promises promoted by Obama and his Lackeys. (For example: “If you like your…”, and the cost reductions). And then there is all of those “Executive Decisions” that he consulted with his Tsars about but not any of his party Congresspersons.

What is stunning is that Obama will be enlisting these same Lackeys that he totally avoided during his reign. How many received a phone call, let alone an invitation, to visit the Oval Office? With 10 days to go in his Presidency, I will find it appalling that so many Lackeys, will not refuse this meeting that serves only to promote the legacy of the worst president in U.S. history. That kind of meeting is unprecedented but so has been his neo-Marxist agenda. He will be begging; “Save my Legacy”.

But there will be more to his plea. It will also be unprecedented that he will promote road blocking the new President and Congress. He will do damage because the Lackeys he has ignored for eight years will continue to follow their Pied Piper of neo-Marxism as the un-Constitutional Rats they have become. This is important for his preparation of the unprecedented self-praise departing speech scheduled for January 10.

One third of the Senate and every Representative will be on the ballot for re-election in 2018. Pay attention to how they respond to the “change” the people want now. Paying attention should not be limited to Washington D.C. Watch closely your State, County and City Governments. Notice how the Progressive Democrats promote that they know what is best for everyone, particularly anyone that disagrees with them; affectionately labeled “crazy deplorables”.

The Constitution that was drafted and passed for the benefit of the people has been ignored in favor of benefiting those that once served but now rule. No longer accept the few to rule the many.

photo credit: Johan.V. President Barack Obama in Nordea Concert Hall via photopin (license)

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