CLASH POLL: What REALLY Motivated Esteban Santiago’s FLL RAMPAGE?

Published on January 7, 2017

Here’s what we know about the Ft Lauderdale shooter. (And how Libs are spinning it)

It’s not a news story until professional race-baiters Liberals can inject race into it, right?

While most of us were interested in where he was from, whether he was a known risk, what might be driving him… Tariq Nasheed had a more pressing concern. Blame whitey.

(Thanks, Twitchy, for catching this one!)

What’s a ‘white hispanic’? You’ve heard the term before. Think Zimmerman. Twitter helped put his statement in perspective:

As for the details the REST of us wanted to know? Here they are:

Esteban Santiago, the accused killer at the crowded baggage claim area of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, told the FBI in November that the government controlled his mind and forced him to watch ISIS videos.

The 26-year-old former combat engineer was born in New Jersey and raised in Puerto Rico. His brother, Bryan Santiago, lives in Penuela, where they grew up. He told reporters their father died, while his brother was serving overseas in the military.

…”He lost his mind,” Ruiz said in Spanish, as she referred to a psychiatric hospitalization that occurred after he allegedly suffered from hallucinations.

Federal law enforcement officials investigated Santiago last year. He told FBI agents that he heard voices in his head that told him to watch Islamic State materials, but he said he was in control and had no intention of hurting anyone, according to The New York Times.

…He was discharged for “unsatisfactory performance” and was given a general discharge under honorable conditions, which is lower than an honorable discharge.

Santiago’s brother told reporters in Puerto Rico and New York that after his military service, Santiago went back to school and when he couldn’t find work in Puerto Rico, he moved to Alaska, where he was arrested in January.

..Santiago’s brother also said he had been getting into “fights with a lot of people.” Police officers with the Anchorage Police Department responded to a domestic-violence incident. Prosecutors charged him with misdemeanor counts of property damage and assault and one count was dismissed. — ABC News

His history was the lead issue on O’Reilly factor that night…

The first guest, Jennifer Griffin, spoke about the killer visiting the FBI in Novemeber to complain about the government getting into his mind and forcing him to watch ISIS videos…

A later guest, Jim Hanson, of Center for Security Policy, referred to the picture we see of him with the scarf around his neck and the index finger raised. Both of those details were significant, he said (shortly after the four minute mark):

The keffiyeh is the ‘preferred neckwear of Palestinian terrorists’. (See: related Wiki page.)

And about the one finger salute? ‘… an ISIS gang-sign, essentially.’

‘Those two things lead me to believe he has affiliated himself in some way, shape or form to them.’

They may not have known who HE was, but even by his own admission, he knew who THEY were.

But what’s REALLY important to Tariq Nasheed is that we make sure to include the word ‘white’ as an adjective to describe him. You can be sure he insists every day that we do the same with Obama every, right?

Share if Nasheed hijacking this horror to race-bait dishonors the victims.