LMAO: Watch As Joe Biden SHUTS DOWN Anti-Trump Clowns, Says ‘IT’S OVER’

Biden gave the gavel a good work-out as he REFUSED to hear desperate attempts by Democrats to raise objections to the Electoral College votes as they were being certified in Congress.

Joe Biden was interrupted a whopping 11 times. It was so unusual, even CNN was forced to report it.

Time and again, Democrats raised objections to state votes – and each time Biden, as president of the Senate, gaveled them down.

‘There is no debate,’ Biden said to one of a flurry of Democratic objections.

The objections weren’t considered in order under U.S. law unless joined by a sitting U.S. senator – something none of them got.

‘Order!’ Republicans shouted each time a House Democrat pleaded for consideration.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas objected to multiple state vote counts. When Milwaukee’s votes came up, she cited local irregularities, in a state Trump carried even after a recount.

‘The Russian intrusion!’ she yelled after authorities who control the House cut off her mic.
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Paul Ryan seems amused:

Watch another desperate attempt to object (and Paul Ryan’s reaction):

Watch as Joe Biden certifies the votes and is interrupted:

What C-Span doesn’t show is Joe Biden’s ‘Hot Mic’ moment:

Yes, he did say ‘God Save the Queen’. Perhaps he’s just concerned about her recent health issues?

Maybe. Or maybe he thinks that America just isn’t’ America with Trump at the helm.

Who’s to say what Biden was thinking.

Half the time it doesn’t look like Biden knows what he’s thinking.

All we know is that right before that moment, it was Joe Biden that was the voice of reason.

It was weird and a little creepy.


We’re glad that that’s all over.


*cracking knuckles*

…let’s get ready for the next  8 years of outrage.


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