THIS CRUD’S FOR YOU! Budweiser Goes POLITICAL, Debuts Pro-Immigration Super Bowl Ad

Written by K. Walker on January 31, 2017

Is it REALLY a good idea to politicize your products? Didn’t they learn with those lame Bud Light commercials?

Anheuser-Busch InBev has pushed politically charged ads before — the Bud Light Party ads with Seth Rogan and Amy Schumer pushed support for Gay Marriage and the ‘Gender Pay Gap‘.

This time: Immigration.

Budweiser has chosen the charged political issue of immigration as the subject of its Super Bowl LI commercial.

The 60-second spot explains the origin story of the beer company’s immigrant co-founder, Adolphus Busch.

The ad, titled “Born the Hard Way,” begins with a young, German-born Busch being told, “You’re not wanted here! Go back home!” The big budget production eventually sees Busch land on the shores of St. Louis where he built his mega-brewery.

“This is the story of the original self-made man, one of the founders of the American Dream, making it the hard way, and his path that all came after him followed,” Laura Rowan, of Budweiser’s creative branch told Adweek.

“We then see the words appear: ‘When nothing will stop your dream, this is the beer you’ll drink.’ We end with the Budweiser logo and [tagline], ‘This Bud’s for you,’” she said of the ad.

Ricardo Marques, vice president and executive for the Budweiser brand in the U.S., says the company’s pro-immigration Super Bowl ad is “relevant today,” in light of President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily suspending the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program and his executive order intended to tighten security along the U.S.-Mexico border and enhance enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.
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Yes, the ‘American Dream’ is a beautiful thing.

Yes, our country was built by Immigrants — legal immigrants.

To suggest that this ad is ‘relevant today’ because of President Trump’s Executive Orders on the construction of a border wall and the temporary travel ban detracts from the ad.

Are you tired of being told by Bud what you should think?

Let us know in the comments.

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