DEAR MEDIA MORONS: In Case You MISSED It, Here’s HILLARY’S Role In Russian Hacks

Published on January 4, 2017

If Obama’s government cares SO MUCH about hacking influencing of elections… how do you explain this?

If the REAL problem about the Russian influence… so important that Obama risked triggering a Cold War, is he just as interested in OTHER political interference?

He asks the right questions here.

Did the insiders who ‘Selected not Elected’ Hillary as DNC candidate, making sure Bernie didn’t have a fair shot face any serious consequence?

What happened to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz? Or Donna Brazille?

Let’s see…
Carry the one…
that works out to…


So, when is Obama going to be as tough on Democrat Corruption as he is on throwing sticks in the spokes of the Trump Transition?

Let’s not hold our breath.

Share if Obama abuses his position to reward friends and punish rivals.

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