DISGUSTING: Look What PSYCHO Trump Hating Mom Has Her LITTLE Daughter Carrying

Look at that little cutie… too bad her mom is raising her to be a self-righteous, foul-mouthed, man-hating, Feminist ‘Nasty Woman’.

Look!  A Mother-Daughter craft project:


I’ll bet she got ‘Nasty Jr.’ to stick the flowers on the ‘F**K YOUR FASCIST BULLS**T’ sign.

Can’t you just see it?

She picks her up from preschool and says, ‘Hey Sweetie! Wanna help Mommy with a pretty poster filled with bad words?’

Maybe she didn’t ask.

Maybe she made her make it and made her hold it.

You know, for liberal cred on Instagram.

Don’t you love that it’s against ‘Fascism’?

Which has become a catch-all for ‘all the things the left hates’.

The word barely has any other meaning these days.

Here’s what it used to mean:

Fascists believe that liberal democracy is obsolete, and they regard the complete mobilization of society under a totalitarian one-party state as necessary to prepare a nation for armed conflict and to respond effectively to economic difficulties. Such a state is led by a strong leader—such as a dictator and a martial government composed of the members of the governing fascist party—to forge national unity and maintain a stable and orderly society. Fascism rejects assertions that violence is automatically negative in nature, and views political violence, war, and imperialism as means that can achieve national rejuvenation.
Read more: Wikipedia


That doesn’t look so much like this:


But more like this: (Language warning)

And what the inappropriately named ‘Antifa‘ crowd did to this Limo:


Well, let’s just hope that President Trump’s Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, pushes for Charter Schools soon.

At least then this poor kid might have a chance.

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