BREAKING: SNL Writer SUSPENDED For Talking SMACK About Barron Trump

Written by K. Walker on January 23, 2017

Remember SNL’s Cyber-bully? The one who ‘bravely’ mocked a little boy? Time to pay the piper.

Becuase if the last name is Trump, there are NO rules of decency that bind your conscience.

If you’re a Liberal Hack writing TV ‘comedy’ that is.

Even Chelsea Clinton weighed in and told people to lay off and let him be a kid.

Well, it turns out that SNL was shamed into holding their staffer accountable for bullyng a ten-year-old kid.

On Inauguration Day Katie Rich tweeted that the ten-year-old boy would become ‘this country’s first homeschool shooter,’ but deleted it three hours later.
She then came in for an avalanche of criticism from Twitter users, who branded her ‘scum’, called for her account to be blocked, and urged NBC to fire her.
Rich wasn’t fired, but she was suspended indefinitely from working on the show after the furor failed to cool down over the weekend, an insider told Deadline Monday.
The same day, she tweeted: ‘I sincerely apologize for the insensitive tweet. I deeply regret my actions & offensive words. It was inexcusable & I’m so sorry.’ —DailyMail

ClashDaily’s coverage of this went VIRAL.

Considering Melania’s strong statements on cyber-bullying, this is deeply troubling.

It is also ironic.

We are told endlessly about how the Right is angry. Is unfair. Treats people badly.

But in REAL life, where the rubber meets the road?

It isn’t Conseratives acting out or hurting people. Not conservatives breaking windows and setting fires.

It isn’t Conservatives getting AGGRESSIVE and harassing Liberals. (For the most part, anyway.)

For the most part, the conservatives are on the blunt end of this pool cue.

And it’s time they get called out for it.

And it’s time they stop these fights entirely.

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