Domestic Terrorist, Bill Ayers, Is GIDDY Over Obama’s Pardon Of TERRORIST Oscar Lopez Rivera

Published on January 18, 2017

You wonder if Obama’s relationship with him may have shaped this decision?

Bill Ayers… part of the Weather Underground terrorist group is a personal friend of Obama. Obama launched his run for President from Bill’s living room. Should it really surprise us that he cheer the release of people who were serving time for working AGAINST American interests?

Bradley ‘Chelsea’ Manning… Oscar Lopez…

Iowahawk writer David Burge absolutely ‘nailed’ him on that tweet.

We at ClashDaily already covered the pardoning of Mr. Manning. (And no, ClashDaily won’t call him a chick until he can show his ‘change’ has produced XX chromosomes. We’re not science-deniers.)

But who the hell is Oscar Lopez?

Here’s Ayers again:

We are thrilled to announce that today President Obama made the wise and just decision to grant unconditional executive clemency to Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera, who served 35 years in U.S. prison.


He also tweeted an article by leftist rag ‘Mother Jones’ cheering a ‘famed Puerto Rico Nationalist’ who will go free.

In 1981, López was charged with armed robbery, possession of an unregistered firearm, and interstate transportation of a stolen vehicle, allegedly as part of a larger plot to challenge the United States’ role in Puerto Rico by force. The court determined that he was connected to the FALN. At his trial, one man testified that López taught him bomb-making skills.

In all, the FALN claimed responsibility for more than 120 bombings across the US between 1974 and 1983, leading to the death of six and the injury of dozens. But the basis for López’s conviction was specifically the more than two-dozen bombings claimed by the organization in the Chicago area, none of which resulted in injuries. A 1980 Chicago Tribune editorial observed that the bombs were “placed and timed as to damage property rather than persons” and that the FALN was “out to call attention to their cause rather than to shed blood.” –Mother Jones

Ok… NOW it makes sense!

Ayers looks at him and doesn’t see a terrorist involved in a group that has killed people and broken laws. He looks at Lopez and sees…

… himself.

And Obama pardoned him. As if we needed more help seeing where Obama’s REAL loyalties lie.

Share if history will NOT remember OBAMA as a friend of either America OR Justice.