FLASHBACK VIDEO: Liberals Said, ‘Donald J. Trump Will NEVER Be President’ — SO WRONG!

It just seems right that on the Eve of the Inauguration we should be reminded of all the Liberals that were SO CERTAIN that Trump had no chance. IN YOUR FACE, DOUBTERS!


To all of the Liberals who:

– laughed when Trump announced he would run

– snickered and said he had no chance

– were shocked when he won the Republican ticket

– dismissed him when he was running against ‘Crooked Hillary’

– mocked his supporters, both public figures and the ‘average Americans’

– labeled Trump supporters as the ‘Deplorables’ (fascist, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, white supremacists, etc.)

– protested in the streets after the election

– demanded the abolition of the Electoral College

– proposed bills to secede from the Union

– intimidated Electoral College voters

We have a message for you, and it begins tonight…


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