YO, ‘JOURNALISTS’: The Clinton’s ‘Global Initiative’ Goes Belly Up – Is That NOT News?

The ‘Clinton Global Initiative’ was touted by the Left as a charity that ‘did so much good in the world’. So why the silence now that it’s shutting down?

The ‘Big 3’ networks have ignored the news completely.

Really, where is the outrage?

The shuttering of the Clinton Global Initiative in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s brutal election loss hasn’t resulted in any interest from the three networks. ABC CBS and NBC have skipped the news that the division of the Clinton Foundation will lay off employees and close in April.

CGI filed notice with New York on January 12, but news outlets began reporting it on January 16.
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Watch Fox and Friends co-anchor Heather Childers’s report:

And the Presstitutes are all ‘With Her’, so they don’t want to actually admit that maybe it really was all about influence peddling.

Because… it wasn’t about influence peddling… right?

Watch The Strategy Room on — you guessed it — Fox News:

Clinton Cash author, Peter Schweizer, was on Breitbart Daily News with host Alex Marlow discussing the closing of CGI:

They didn’t even wait until the election was a distant memory to say, you know what, we’re going to wrap this up. They ended it immediately. I think it’s just further confirmation to what we always believed, which is that their charitable activities really were directly linked to their political power, and now that that political power is gone, really honestly for the first time in 25 years – think about that – 25 years the Clintons have been on the national political stage. They’re gone, and they’re essentially saying, ‘Look, there’s no need or purpose behind doing this charitable work, so we’re just going to shut it down.’ It’s a pretty remarkable step on their part…

…No, they just rolled it up, and you’re exactly right, they didn’t pretend. In a matter of weeks from the election results—it’s pretty stunning. I think we’ve also now got the Clinton Foundation itself, which is involved with CGI obviously, but they’re essentially separate entities. Their donations are way off. They’ve got a lot of foreign donations, the government of Australia for example, and Germany, who are essentially saying, ‘We’re not going to donate any more.’ Donations are down by some accounts by 70%. So it may be that the Clinton Foundation goes the way of CGI.
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Looks like it’s ‘Game Over’.

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