Here’s The Judge Who BLOCKED Trump’s Travel Ban – Look Who She’s BUDDIES With

Published on January 29, 2017

Is it true that you can know somebody by who their friends are?

There is a long-standing tradition of Democrats using the courts to accomplish what they would NEVER be able to squeeze through the checks and balances built into passing legislation.

They are increasingly bold about using that tactic, it’s harder to draw the line between partisan ‘ruling from the bench’ and faithfully interpreting the law.

The fact that the judge giving us THIS ruling has a close connection to none other than Chuck Schumer is not helping.

Nor is the CHEERING of the partisans who are lined up against Trump on practically EVERY issue.

From Brooklyn Eagle:

Donnelly was nominated to be a federal judge by President Barack Obama on the recommendation of Sen. Charles Schumer. On Friday, she had the oath of office administered to her by Chief Judge Carol Bagley Amon, and Judge Pamela K. Chen bestowed the ceremonial gavel to her as the newest judge in the court.

“We are indebted to Sen. Schumer for recommending Ann Donnelly and all of the other outstanding recent appointments,” Bagley Amon said. “She takes the seat vacated by Sandra Townes when Judge Towns took senior status — seat No. 10, created in 1978.”

What do you think?

Is she making an impartial ruling based on the facts of the case? Or is she acting like an Obama flunkie?

Comments are open for your theories.

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