JOHN KERRY: Speech Proves He’s An Anti-Israel MORON

Written by Andrew Allen on January 1, 2017

Imagine if it was 1940 and then Secretary of State Cordell Hull gave a deranged speech in which he proudly proclaimed:

“England can be English, or it can be democratic, but it can’t be both!”

No doubt Cordell Hull would have been marched off with all those Japanese-Americans Franklin Diversity and Tolerance Roosevelt placed in the Gitmo prequel also known as internment camps. That’s not to say the FDR administration and its Henry Morgenthau Jr’s — who openly admired Hitler and Mussolini until the fuhrer and il duce marched people by the millions off to death camps – were entirely stable people. It is to say that in these waning days of Obamaland, the sheer lunacy rampant within the administration is the only way it made sense for Secretary of Personality John Kerry to say:

“Israel can be Jewish, or it can be democratic, but it can’t be both!”


Let me get this straight: It’s a problem for Israel to respect her Jewish heritage, but it’s okay for Iran to not just be Islamic but to call itself an Islamic Republic while employing draconian measures against pro-democracy demonstrators (i.e., 2009). In eight Obamaland years neither Hillary Clinton or John Kerry ever said:

“Iran can be Islamic, or it can be democratic, but it can’t be both.”

Instead, a nuke deal was brokered along with lifting of sanctions that stand to render Iran the dominant regional power in an already troubled region.

Who can forget the gold and who knows what else Obama packed into a plane as ransom money for U.S. hostages held in Iran (after our hostages came home, Iran promptly “arrested” more Americans). By the way, that ransom money was paid out illegally if we are to take Obama at his word. Obama said we had to pay Iran in gold since U.S. law forbids financial transactions with Iran. (In other words, U.S. law makes it illegal to transact in currency with Iran so loading up a plane full of gold and transacting with Iran also was illegal).

Hopefully no one will soon forget the EFP’s (explosively formed penetrators) Iranians smuggled into Iraq to kill American and coalition troops. EFPs were designed to function the way typical car bombs work – except their explosive energy was designed to project in a single direction (rather than in a broad cone shaped pattern) thus maximizing lethality. A sufficiently armored vehicle might survive a normal car bomb’s blast. EFP’s directed their explosive power through vehicle armor making sure most armored vehicles – and their occupants – never stood a chance.

Israel Is Democratic

Israel happens to be democratic. Israelis vote in elections. Real, legitimate elections. Not like the kinds the DNC rigs in places like Philadelphia where more people turn out to vote than are registered.

The Israeli legislature (the Knesset) consists of 120 seats which are currently held in varying numbers by members of ten political parties spanning political left to political right. Fourteen percent of Knesset seats are held by Arab-Israelis; of those 17 seats one Arab member (Ayoub Kara) recently served as Deputy Speaker of the Knesset. Nine Arab Knesset members are Muslims and one of those Muslims is a member of the Zionist Union Party. Try being a Muslim member of the Israeli Zionist Union Party in Iran’s Majilis, John Kerry, and bring James Taylor along when you tell us how that worked out for you. Fire and rain indeed.

How Do Israel’s Neighbors Stack Up?
Considering that John Kerry comes from the same Jack Ass Party that includes a Congressman who asked during a Congressional hearing whether the relocation of U.S. Marines from Okinawa to Guam might cause Guam to capsize, Kerry can be forgiven if his geography isn’t all that great. Maybe he’s just too low info to realize none of Israel’s neighbors are democratic:
– Egypt. Um yeah, Egypt. Unless gang rapes of CBS reports broadcasting live during Arab springs have something to do with democracy, Egypt isn’t anywhere near being democratic.

– Saudi Arabia. (I know, Israel and Saudi Arabia don’t share a border – they are close though). Saudi Arabia is run as an 8th century kingdom where gay people can legally be executed for being gay. Their people vote for nothing and if they did, their electoral choices would be reminiscent of votes cast in Saddam’s Iraq. Be a member of that .01% voting for the Saudi opposition and find yourself flogged or beheaded.

– Jordan. The Jordanians have no intention of moving anywhere close to democratic principles. Why? Little mentioned fact – but well known among so-called Palestinians – is that Jordan is essentially the lost state Palestinians mistakenly blame Israel for occupying. Not to mention, there are millions of so-called Palestinians living as refugees in Jordan. They’ve destabilized the Jordanian regime before (most notably in September 1970). The regime in Amman is not going to give them ballot boxes.

– Syria. Never was and by the looks of things isn’t likely to be a democracy during this or the next decade.

– Lebanon. Lebanon once was a democracy. Sort of. A unique democracy because although people voted, elected positions were apportioned based on demographics. (For example, if ten percent of the population were ethnic group A then ten percent of elected positions went to people that were ethnic group A). As Lebanese demographics changed, this set off a civil war that began in 1975 and lasted until 1990. Efforts to stabilize Lebanon have been challenging at best – in large measure because Iranian backed groups like Hizbollah (it translates to “Party of Allah”) like to meddle in Lebanon’s internal affairs. Furthermore, nearly 700,000 refugees from Syria live in Lebanon whose population is normally only around six million people. (imagine you live in a city of 100,000 and overnight 11,000 people showed up to live in tent cities in your town). The fact that the Syrian civil war hasn’t reached deep into southwestern Syria is the only reason Lebanon hasn’t come apart at the seams. If Damascus falls Beirut won’t be far behind.

Going a bit further afield, there’s Turkey. You know, Turkey, where a coup attempt recently resulted in a massive government crackdown. Iraq, which struggles with democracy but can’t really be called one when ISIS controls large parts of the country. Sudan and Eritrea are in no way, shape, or form democratic. Neither is Libya. Or Chad. To find a democratic nation near Israel one must look to Europe.

And That’s Why Obamaland Hates Israel So Much
The reason John Kerry thought himself brilliant for saying “Israel can be Jewish, or it can be democratic, but it can’t be both!”, was because a line like that comes straight out of the faculty lounge.

Israel, in the faculty lounge mindset, represents a little sliver of Europe and a little piece of Judeo-Christian reality in a sea dominated by a dramatically different worldview. The faculty lounge believes that all worldviews are morally relative to one another.

Check it out: Ask a liberal about Iran’s democracy. You’ll get a hodge-podge response about how ours is imperfect. Or the excuse that Iranian democracy is well, uniquely Iranian and thus it is inappropriate that the west judge it. That’s how the mental illness called moral relativism emasculates some cultures while condoning the negative attributes of others.

When Kerry denounced Israel’s Jewishness and her democratic traditions, it was a deliberate slap in the face of all things western. When the Obama administration remains silent while nations like Iran export evil, they condone such behavior because the faculty lounge doesn’t want to get in the way of non-western influence in the world regardless of whether that influence is positive or negative. The faculty lounge is willing to accept non-western evil if it means they have a chance to tear down the west in the world’s eyes. Or in other words:

“Liberals can be dumb, or they can be stupid, and they usually are both!”

You can quote me on that.

photo credit: U.S. Department of State Secretary Kerry Delivers a Speech to UNESCO Representatives via photopin (license)

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Andrew Allen
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