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News Clash

WATCH: CNN Host Gets WASTED on Air, Makes TOTAL Ass Out Of Himself!

‘This is what happens when a lot of tequila happens’

Witness the superior judgment of the ‘most trusted name in news’ in action!

In the unlikely event that you actually have a shred of respect for Don Lemon, he puts on a sad display that will kill it stone dead. Will THIS be Don’s resignation letter?

This guy was so loaded, so early in the evening, you just KNOW he never made it to midnight.

Hard to say what the funniest part is.

The cringing of Anderson Cooper?

The fact that he has to be talked out of getting a nipple piercing on air live?

The fact that he asks for advice — for ANYTHING — from Kathie Lee Gifford?

Brooke Baldwin’s desperate attempt to keep things under control?

Don giving a plug for Brooks Brothers right in the middle of his drunken piercing?

Don standing on the furniture, dancing, and doing the I’ve-never-been-this-drunk-in-public-before ‘Woooo’?

(source: @BienSur_JeTaime)

Here is Don cringing almost as much as the rest of us.


And of course, Twitter had fun with it. #drunkDonLemon was trending.


Now, even CNN will realize he’s an embarrassment to the network. This time, it isn’t just for his ideas.

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