LMAO: What KATY PERRY Says About Trump’s Policies Proves She Went To PUBLIC SCHOOL

Published on January 15, 2017

Why does this Madonna wanna-be think she gets to shove HER half-baked morality down OUR throats?

Trump Derangement Syndrome is taking the Leftists by storm. Each is trying to outdo the other with outrageous ‘The End Is Nigh’ predictions and / or violations of Godwin’s Law.

Katy Perry is no different.

The same woman who got slapped down by advocates of Islam for wearing JEWELRY offensive to them in a music video (Dark Horse) is now trying to protect Muslims from big bad Trump.

She’s gone so far as to compare Trump’s election policies to the Japanese Internment camps under (Democratic!) President FDR.

Really? How does she even dress herself in the morning? Right. Nevermind.

What’s her complaint? She’s afraid ‘history will repeat itself’.

Ms Perry’s short film shares the story of Haru Kuromiya, who was moved from her home in California with her family to the Manzanar internment camp, under direct order of the American government.

She said: “My entire family was put on a registry. Our constitutional rights were taken away from us.”

However, halfway through the short film the actress playing Haru Kuromiya removes her prosthetics and reveals herself to be Pakistani-Muslim actress Hina Khan.

They’re afraid that Muslim’s rights will be violated. The original article goes on to say:

Director Aya Tanimura said: “Trump has created an atmosphere of fear for Muslim Americans in the United States.

“The accountability and responsibility for what you say and do now has been lifted so people feel a little freer to be racist, or act upon racism, because there are not necessarily consequences for it — it’s just acceptable behavior. — Read More: Express

Here’s the video, you can judge it for yourself.

Right. Yeah we’re gonna have to call BS on that one.

We can take that little propaganda piece and set it beside THIS news story run by two female reporters in France. (Remember when it was cool to stand up for Women’s rights, Katy? Maybe you could try doing that now. Here’s your little utopia in full bloom. Let us know how you like it.)

If they’re so peaceful and loving, she should prove her theory. How about she try visiting some parts of France without a private security detail? Like THIS one:

This video is causing quite a stir as two female journalists had difficulty navigating this town that was virtually men only.

Welcome to the land of Sharia law. No, I’m not talking about Iran or Saudi Arabia, but about France.

A documentary produced by French news channel France 2 has caused a major controversy in the land of the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. The reason? The news channel sent a couple of female undercover journalists to neighborhoods and cities in France with large Muslim populations to see with their own eyes how women were treated in them. The results were downright shocking.
The women were told that they were not welcome in just about every single shop or café they visited in Saint-Denis. They were told to go home… and stay there. Of course, they were allowed to go outside, but then only if they were wearing a burqa.

For example, one shopkeeper told a female journalist who entered his shop that it was wise for her to “stay outside.” After all, she was told, “only men are allowed to enter the shop.”…
One Muslim man was asked what he would do if it were his niece wanting to enter a shop or cafe. He responded that she should stay at home because:

This is Saint-Denis,’ the Muslim immigrant explained. ‘It’s not like Paris here. There’s a completely different culture. It’s more like home [ed.: than France].’ more: here

If she’s SO confident that Islam is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and that only knuckle-dragging troglodytes would object to massively importing it, maybe she could wear one of those barely-there outfits she wears on stage in St Denis to prove the rest of us wrong.

Importing large numbers of people with attitudes that contradict the societal norms of our culture? To social engineers, that’s considered a good thing.

They’re banking that it will weaken the societal hold of traditional American values. But the question these people never ask is what NEW values will take their place. They ASSUME their own will, but Secularism is parasitic in nature. It requires a social moral (read: religious) structure to maintain it. And when you’re cutting down the one it’s established on, another will eventually take its place.

To a progressive, all change is for the ‘better’.

Maybe she could ask some people at San Bernardino, or Fort Hood, or The PULSE whether Trump’s plans for tighter border enforcement and immigration screening is such a bad idea. Or at least… ask the survivors and their families.

Share if NO charge is too ridiculous for butt-hurt Libs to throw at Trump.

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