LMAO: Teacher Who Staged ‘ASSASSINATION’ Of Trump Gets Some BAD NEWS!

NEWSFLASH: Stupid actions have consequences, too.

Dallas high school teacher, Payal Modi, has been placed on administrative leave from her job because of a video she released on her personal Instagram account that went viral.

Watch the stupid action:

Payal Modi, who teaches art at W. H. Adamson High School in Dallas, Texas, is under investigation by the school district after an eight-second video surfaced on Instagram, WFAA reported.

Modi could be seen aiming and shooting a colorful toy gun at an image of Trump, which was projected on a whiteboard, while repeated yells ‘Die!’ could be heard in the background.

The video was reportedly posted on Modi’s personal Instagram account on the day of Trump’s inauguration, the Washington Times reported.

The caption stated: ‘Watching the #inauguration in my classroom likeā€¦. #no #stop #denial #squirtgun #hypocrisy #powerless.’

It is unclear whether the voices heard in the background were that of her students.

Modi soon drew the attention of critics – and despite changing her Instagram account to private before deleting it entirely, the video continued to circulate on YouTube.
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Aren’t you glad we have fine, upstanding citizens like this enriching and educating the minds of the future?

(Remember, Patriots: homeschooling and/or private school are options!)

Isn’t it funny how often left-wing crazies are so quick to get violent?

And they are against the Second Amendment because of ‘violence’.


Hmmmm… maybe it’s not the gun…

I’m curious to know what Ms. Modi’s 2A views are since she aimed and shot a squirt gun at President Trump’s image.

Obviously, she needs a break because like many Liberals after the Election…



Let’s hope the school holds this teacher accountable for her actions and that she issues a MASSIVE apology, especially if there were students present.

Pretending to shoot the President isn’t a joke.

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