QUESTION: Do You Think OBAMA Will Be The LAST Black President?

Published on January 27, 2017

It’s a question Barack got in an interview. What do YOU think?

It wasn’t even OUR question. It came from an ‘interview’.

It was humor. It was funny — in that scripted and stilted sort of way.

But He REALLY WAS ASKED the question. To his face.

On ‘Between Two Ferns’ Obama was asked a question about his being the last black president.

The Left is more likely to make an honest error in their humor. And this time they did exactly that.


By joking that he could be the LAST black president, they were accidently admitting that during his tenure as the FIRST black president… he basically struck out.

Looking around at his ‘legacy’ disappearing like the morning mist, it’s easy to see why.

Seeing the sharp rise in crime rates during his presidency, together with his prisoner release policies? It’s easy to see why.

Seeing the overall use of food stamps? It’s easy to see why.

Because he was SUCH a race-baiting ideologue, will Americans be afraid of accidentally electing Barack 2.0?

Or will they be able to look past it?

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