SHOCKING: Judge’s Ruling On Steinle’s Wrongful Death Case Is Mind Boggling

Published on January 11, 2017

Hey, Obama? Whatever happened to ‘if it saves just one life’…?

Will the President wipe a tear for the camera over THIS victim? No way, Jose.

There was a murder in San Francisco, well, one — in particular — made the news because of who did it. Because ‘sanctuary cities’ mean a felon who has been deported five times cannot be made to leave after serving a sentence. At least, that’s what ONE judge thinks:

The family of a woman allegedly killed by an illegal immigrant who was deported five times cannot sue the city of San Francisco, a judge ruled.

Kate Steinle, 32, was reportedly shot dead by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, 45, a Mexican national with a long criminal record who was allowed to remain in the country due to the city’s controversial sanctuary policies.

The Steinle family argued in a wrongful death suit that the city and former sheriff should be held responsible for her murder.

Lawyers argued that if city officials had notified Immigration and Customs Enforcement when they released 7-time felon Lopez-Sanchez from prison in April of 2015, Kate’s death could have been avoided.

‘Kate’s death was both foreseeable and preventable had the law enforcement agencies, officials and/or officers involved simply followed the laws, regulations and/or procedures which they swore to uphold,’ the lawsuit said.

However, Judge Joseph C Sparo dismissed their claims on Friday, according to KTLA.

He wrote: ‘No law required the Sheriff’s Department to share Lopez-Sanchez’s release date with ICE, nor did any law forbid Mirkarimi establishing a policy against such cooperation’. —DailyMail

The citizens in such cities are paying a heavy price for the politics of the elected officials who are busy protecting their power base and financial interests.

Trump’s promise to bring the hammer down on Lawless Sanctuary Cities can help us FINALLY put an end to Felonious SOBs Mocking the law and terrorizing civilians.

Share if those who enabled these felons need to pay a heavy price.

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