PATRIOTS: Are You ENJOYING Not Hearing Or Seeing Barack Or Michelle?

They had 8 years of vacation, and we FINALLY get one ourselves…

It’s like a vacation for our ears and our eyes!

It’s not just seeing a First Lady that looks like a lady and an honest-to-goodness man as President.

And before anyone even goes there, this is not about race.

ClashDaily had asked if Barack was the ‘Least Manly President Ever’ and Michelle was the ‘Most Manly First Lady Ever’. We even gave evidence.

After watching Barry try to throw a few hoops, we’re all convinced that Michelle could kick his ass.

But enough about that…

It’s better not to hear them.

No more lectures by Michelle on:

– how proud or disappointed, hopeful or hopeless she is as an American
‘healthy’ school lunches
– the White House was ‘built by slaves’
– voting for a woman because she’s a woman

And Barry!

No more:

– bowing to world leaders
– apologizing for American Exceptionalism
– brown-nosing the UN/International community
– blaming the police
not blaming Islamic Terror
– mocking social conservatives
denigrating Fox News and blaming it for your failures
– push to the left on sketchy social/moral issues
– spending run amok
– outright lies – ‘if you like your plan, you can keep your plan’; didn’t know about Fast and Furious; didn’t know about Hillary’s private server despite emailing her on it hundreds of times, etc., etc.

As an added bonus, no more:

– 300+ golf games and vacations on our dime
– fawning ‘Presstitutes’

That last one is key. I, for one, am happy that the press is giving Trump a bit of a hard time. It shouldn’t be a partisan thing like it is, but a ‘Free’ Press isn’t one that’s in lock-step with the government. We need to have Media that is critical, holding the government’s feet to the fire. For 8 years, the only ones doing that were Fox News and online sources like ClashDaily.

Welcome to the new era.

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