MELANIA’S AWESOME: Sergeant Discloses What Melania Told Him During Inauguration Dance – She’s Definitely NOT Michelle!

Published on January 27, 2017

And just LOOK at the smile on his face! She’s Pure Class!

From DAY ONE we’ve struck a VERY different tone. Gone are the days of ‘all this for a damn flag’.

Now we’ve got someone who’s GRACIOUS playing the role of First Lady.

When offered a dance with a Staff Sergeant, Melania could have handled it different ways.

She could have been rigid and perfunctory.

She could have treated it as an obligation.

She could have been polite, but distant.

She did none of those things.

She spoke with Staff Sergeant Jose Medina. Took an interest in him, personally. Asked questions. Caught up with him after and took photos.

In short… she treated him like he MATTERED.

Exactly the opposite of what the Celebrity-Obsessed Obamas who just vacated the place would have done.

He asked her permission to give her a ‘twirl’ on the dance floor. She accepted. And the crowd loved it.

Isn’t it nice to have a FLOTUS who isn’t always bitter and angry?

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