PATRIOTS: The Spy Who PEDDLED Trump ‘Dossier’ Lies Wants PRIVACY – Should We Leave Him ALONE?

Published on January 13, 2017

‘Tough guy’ can dish it out, but he sure can’t take it.

The former British spy behind the ‘dirty dossier’ has gone underground and is attempting to hide behind UK privacy laws that restrict media reporting on him in the wake of his lurid allegations against Donald Trump.

Christopher Steele, 52, was identified as the author of the explosive 35-page document that was published this week featuring unsubstantiated claims about Trump ahead of his inauguration.

It sensationally claimed that the president-elect had paid prostitutes to urinate on each other in a Moscow hotel bed once slept in by Barack and Michelle Obama.

The ex-MI6 spy, who fled his $2m British mansion ‘fearing for his life’ after his name was revealed by a U.S. new outlet, has now gone to the UK’s Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) demanding the media give him and his family privacy.

…The British government’s Ministry of Defence had initially tried to block UK media from revealing Steele’s identity by issuing a so-called D-notice.

The notice, also known as a Defence and Security Media Advisory Notice, is an official request from the government for media not to publish specific details due to national security.

It failed to keep his name secret after U.S. media outlets, which are not subjected to the same privacy laws as Britain, revealed his identity this week. — DailyMail

Strange, he didn’t seem terribly worried about the negative impact of his BS on TRUMP’s family.

We don’t feel terribly sorry for him in his (more than) $2M home crying ‘harassment’.

Where was this love of anyone’s ‘right to privacy’ when he was a hired gun to dig up dirt spin lies to discredit Donald Trump’s presidential bid?

Sorry. No time for that. There’s profit to be made.

As for his super-spy defense? That won’t wash.

As they say, ‘Do Stupid Suff, win stupid prizes’.

What makes him think that what he did in his military service shields him from the consequences of getting called out for being a moron in his CIVILLIAN life? It doesn’t.

If the guy was caught robbing banks, would he be able to use this privacy excuse to shield his family? Of course not. If he ran for office, could he? Of COURSE Not.

So what makes him think he can just wish away the consequences of his own (obviously well-compensated) dumb choices?

He can’t. But maybe our readers see this differently.

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