Question: Obama’s Dog Bit Malia’s Friend In The FACE – Should She SUE Them?

Published on January 13, 2017

This is a ‘liberal dilemma’ if ever there was one. Should she sue or not?

First, the event itself:

One of Malia Obama’s friends was left bloodied and scarred after being bitten by the first family’s dog Sunny on a visit to the White House on Monday.

Social media posts which surfaced online show the teen – who is not naming – getting stitched up at the office of the president’s physician.

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‘I f****** hate Sunny’ the girl wrote in one picture, showing her laying down on a doctor’s chair while Malia smiles nearby.

‘Malia thinks it’s funny,’ the girl writes in another Snapchat photo.

The friend got bitten (needed stitches) when bending down to show affection to Sunny.

This is NOT the first time Sunny got herself into trouble.

It turns out she had a bad habit of taking a dump by the Lincoln Bedroom. (A little like the family habit of taking a Dump on US History Generally.)

But now she’s been bitten in the face and it is likely to scar.


So what’s a Liberal to do?

On one hand, you’ve got the Holy Grail of victimhood. You have an actual victim. A child, even! And a child who has been on the receiving end of unprovoked aggression. You add to that the obvious power, privilege, and wealth of the family involved. (Hell, even the DOG wears jewelry.)

Should they soak the Obamas for big bucks? (Or at least some sort of political favor?)

Wealth being spread around. That’s the Obama way, isn’t it? Shouldn’t they at least do their part? But wait —

That would be attacking Obama. Mr. HopeAndChange himself.

THIS guy:


The head of the ‘New Religion’ himself.

How can anyone Possibly raise a hand against the Chosen One?

What should be one about their ‘Royal’ mutt?

Share if you think the media would ride this story if he were Republican.


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