QUESTION: Are You GIDDY Melania’s Replacing Michelle?

Published on January 20, 2017

It’s a day of Great changes. Administrations. Presidents. And even First Ladies. Lots of emotions are swirling in Washington right now.

One of the REALLY Big changes is which face we’ll see standing beside our president.

We’ve just had eight LONG years of ‘eat your vegetables’…


Eight long years of ashamed of America…


All this for a damn flag“.

Eight long years of self-righteous scolding.


Graceless… classless… entitled… arrogant.


And who will take her place?

A woman who actually admires America.

…Who came here by choice.

…Who doesn’t speak contemptuously of ordinary Americans.

…Won’t THAT be a refreshing change?

How do you feel? Are you thrilled she’s leaving, or do you think we’re too hard on Michelle?

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