WATCH: Bill Clinton CAUGHT Checking Out Ivanka!

Published on January 20, 2017

Guess who will be sleeping on the couch tonight? He’s sooo BUSTED!

Bill looks like a wolf eyeing a lamb in this clip.

What’s he thinking? Probably this:


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It IS, Bill, after all.

Hillary looked RIGHT at him … looking at her.

He didn’t even notice. He was too busy drooling.


That must be tough for Hillary.

Today was ‘supposed’ to be HER day. It was ‘her’ turn.

Everyone was looking at TRUMP. He had stolen her prize.

And Bill Clinton? Was he her strong shoulder? No.

While she had a stiff upper lip… he, well… Nevermind.

He was not ‘With Her’.

Sleeping in the ‘dog house’?

You bet. But look at the joy on his face.


And hell… it sure beats sleeping in his own bed. #NotWithHer.

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