QUESTION: Would You LOVE To See Bikers For Trump BOUNCE Violent Liberals At The Inauguration?

It’s been no secret that there are plans for a number of Anti-Trump demonstrations on Inauguration Day. Bikers For Trump has a permit to have a PRO-Trump rally. This could get interesting…

Bikers for Trump has acted as a ‘vigilante security force’ for Trump before.

Chris Cox was in Washington figuring out the logistics of the massive Biker rally.

The 48-year-old chain-saw artist from South Carolina was an early and enthusiastic supporter of President-elect Donald Trump. Now that his guy has won, Cox wants to ensure that the group he founded, Bikers for Trump, strengthens its political muscle during Trump’s presidency and beyond.

The group obtained a permit for what is expected to be the largest pro-Trump rally held by a private group in the nation’s capital timed to the inauguration. Cox calls the planned event at John Marshall Park a “halftime rally” and said there will be speakers, musical performances and upward of 5,000 bikers in attendance.

As he walked through the park with his dog, Trigger — the massive “Bikers for Trump” patch on the back of his jacket visible from every vantage — Cox began planning where to put the stage, the speakers and the portable toilets.

“Bikers are strongly organized locally,” Cox said. “They just haven’t been organized nationally before.”…

…During Trump’s own rallies, and at the Republican National Convention, the group has served as a vigilante security force, providing human barricades between supporters and protesters.

When Cox got Trigger a few months ago from the Czech Republic through trades he made with a guy he met at a Trump rally in South Dakota, he joked about naming the new pet Keith Schiller, after the head of security for the Trump Organization.
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It looks like Cox’s dog won’t be the only ‘Trigger’ there.

Fake News pushers (named after Communist Mary Harris Jones,) Mother Jones has a list of anti-Trump protests scheduled for the lead up to and Inauguration Day. Included are the Occupy Movement, ANSWER and DistruptJ20

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