What This Dork Did To His PIT-BULL Makes Him The SICKEST BASTARD EVER.

Written by K. Walker on January 14, 2017

This is SICK. This is no way to ever, EVER treat a dog. There are no words for this level of abuse.

Well, maybe one word…

Bradley Jean Hubbard, 23, of Florida is accused of having sex with the family dog, Baby Girl. The abuse may have been going on for years.

She explained how she had been able to witness the attack as Hubbard’s bedroom door had a hole in it, as a result of a violent outburst.

The witness said she heard the dog whimper and cry out in pain during each incident.

She also told how the dog would initially cry out and whimper during its attacks, but over time it had stopped making noises as it was victimized.

Investigators took the dog to a vet who concluded that the dog’s genitals showed signs of abuse.
Hubbard, 23, could be charged with engaging in sexual acts with an animal and causing the pain, suffering, or death of an animal.
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