SHOCK VIDEO: Jamie Foxx Says THIS About Celebrities TRASHING Trump

You are going to LOVE what Jamie Foxx has to say. Rosie O’Donnell… not so much.

In an interview with Essence magazine, actor Jamie Foxx talks about the divisive political climate that we’re in.

‘The spirit of America is always going to be great,’ said Foxx, ‘it was set up that way that we are a resilient nation.’

Our forefathers created a system so that even if things ‘go off the rails’, America can ‘protect itself’.

He encourages dialogue and that we need to return to courtesy.

He also says that we should be grateful because other countries aren’t run like America.


Whoa! Look at that!

Civility, hope, and reason from someone in Hollywood.

Don’t tell Michelle, she’ll feel betrayed.

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