SHOCKING: The PYRO Punk Who Said, ‘SCREW’ Trump On LIVE TV, Is This Celeb’s SON!

Published on January 27, 2017

Remember the little kid who set a fire while protesting on the street? Do you know who his Daddy is?

Here’s a hint. He hosts (hosted? Is it still running?) A TV show.

A show where everything was made up and the points don’t matter anyway.

You guessed it. (Or maybe you didn’t.)

It’s alleged funny-guy Drew Carey.

Everyone was wondering one thing when this little boy had his fifteen minutes of fame:

Kid? Where ARE your parents? Seriously.

That’s STILL a great question.

While little junior was getting arsonist training with some ‘protesters’ (likely the kind who have ‘backers’) where were his parents?

Were they somewhere in the crowd, looking on? Did they even know he was ‘protesting’?

Did he have Dad’s permission to jump in and set a fire in the middle of the street?

And where could he possibly have picked up his political worldview?

Children are children. There’s an age at which they basically parrot what they’ve been told. This guy is probably among them.

What it DOES provide is an interesting little window into what this arsonist-in-training hears at home. Parenting actually matters.

Especially when you consider the examples of some OTHER famous children.

Share if you bet a CONSERVATIVE actor’s kid doing this would be Front Page News.

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