SORE LOSERS: Will The Obamas LOOT The White House Like BILL And HILLARY Did?

Written by Andrew Allen on January 10, 2017

Sixteen years ago – the last time a Democratic administration moved out of the White House – America witnessed one of the most classless displays ever. The Clintons tried to beat feet out of Washington with White House property. Yeah, yeah, I know. Snopes, PolitiFact, and all those other left-leaning “fact checkers” tried to debunk this item for Hillary last year. Fact is, the Clintons tried to loot the White House.

The Dog Ate My Homework
When the Clintons were found out, they did what Clintons always do when caught – literally or figuratively – with their pants down. They offered a dog ate my homework excuse.

The Clintons said they didn’t realize White House property had been packed up with all the “gifts” they had accumulated during their eight White House years because no doubt some staffer had fudged things up and anyway, wasn’t it all just one more component of the vast right-wing conspiracy? Bill and Hillary didn’t mean for White House furniture to end up in a moving van bound for Chappaqua. Aw, shucks, it was just one of those things. Haven’t we all accidentally packed up stuff that wasn’t ours and moved it someplace?

Fortunately, back in 2001 the media hadn’t completely sold their souls to become an appendage of the Democratic National Committee. A Washington Post article dated January 21, 2001 uncovered the Clinton story and an ABC report dated February 8, 2001 detailed what Bill and Hillary were required to send back to Washington. So for all those Snopes, PolitiFact, and etc. fans that believe the Clinton looting of the White House is fake news – take your complaints up with ABC and the Washington Post.

Will The Obamas Loot the White House Too?
Since only Democrats have historically tried to loot the White House on their way out the door, and since a Democrat is moving out of the White House in January 2017, it’s fair to ask: will the Obamas try and loot the White House too?

I don’t think they will. Granted, the Obamas love them some looters. Neither Barack or Michelle ever seemed to mind looters in Ferguson, Baltimore, Oakland, or anywhere else Democrat Party rent-a-mobs descended upon. In the left’s 2 + 2 = 5 calculus, a flat screen TV looted in a riot is a just response to all the racism levied upon communities of color. Because you know, Black Lives Matter to liberals only as much as the price tag of a flat screen TV on sale at Wal-Mart.

I’m going to step out on a limb and say that the Obamas have more class than the Clintons. They won’t try and leave the White House with things that aren’t theirs. Although they certainly peddled in White House access, the Obamas didn’t rent out the Lincoln bedroom the way the Clintons did. Unlike the Clintons, the Obamas aren’t grifters.

That’s The Only Difference…Unfortunately
While the Obamas won’t try and skip town with the Resolute desk tucked away between Michelle’s wardrobe and Barack’s golf club collection, they will do what the Clintons did post-White House. On steroids.

No one in the Democratic Party has benefited more from Donald Trump’s election than the Obamas. Hillary has zero chance in 2020 – she’ll have more success staying home and watching all those cat gifs she thinks you sit at home watching. Chelsea will take a congressional seat from New York and will get lost in the Democratic Party sauce. Bernie Sanders will be 79 in 2020 and Elizabeth Warren won’t be too far behind him. Tulsi Gabbard has seen the writing on the wall and is wisely laying low. That leaves the Obamas as the face of the modern Democratic Party.

Expect Obama to continue his role as national agitator well past January 20, 2017. Personally, I’d rather he just loot the White House on the way out and call it day.

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Andrew Allen
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