USA VS MEXICO: Which is the ‘Bad Neighbor’?

Written by Allan Erickson on January 31, 2017

Feigning outrage over the proposed border wall, the current President and the former President of Mexico declared recently that President Trump is not being a good neighbor, that he insults the honor of Mexico, threatening its sovereignty.

Let’s just mull those words and hold them up to the scrutiny.

One question comes to mind: which country has been the good neighbor, which one the bad neighbor?

The tremendous corruption throughout the Mexican government combined with chronic poverty and violent crime has—-for decades—-driven people to risk their lives to cross our border, illegally. Most of them have come just trying to find a decent life, but imbedded in that population (some 12 million thus far), thousands of violent criminals and terrorists from other countries. Mexico has not been a good neighbor, obviously.

The U.S. has tried the humanitarian approach, tried being the good neighbor, and what have we received in return: increases in violent crime, our citizens robbed, injured and killed, a virtual war zone created in places along the Rio Grande, increased illegal immigration from Central and South America, aided by Mexican authorities, and economic deprivations stressing our taxpayers and our social service systems, all factors combining to insult our honor, and threaten our sovereignty, the actual goal of many activists who insist we give them Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, or they will invade and take over via illegal immigration and birth rates.

And through it all Mexican authorities have been insulting on the world stage, accusing Americans of racism, illegality, and discrimination.

Clearly, Mexican authorities have caused the problem, exacerbated it, and blamed it on us, using it as leverage to offload their poor and their criminals, using it to attempt to expand territory, virtually an act of war. And the moment a U.S. President moves decisively to solve problem, acting in the best interests of the Mexican poor and his own people, he is condemned as the Gringo Racist. However, we must accept much of the blame for failing to secure our border, failing to enforce our immigration laws, and encouraging illegal immigration by this lax and accommodating attitude, for decades.

Even so, in fact, WE have every reason to be outraged, and every right to secure our border and enforce our immigration laws.

Keep in mind, if you immigrate to Mexico illegally, you will wind up in a Mexican jail, tortured, and probably killed.

Mexico is the 11th richest country in the world, but half the population lives in dire poverty. Much of Mexico’s wealth exists thanks to the U.S. We should also keep in mind the billions of dollars shipped to Mexico annually by Mexican nationals and naturalized Mexicans working here. Furthermore, given the billions of dollars in foreign aid and volunteer American charity flowing into Mexico, including money we pay them for oil, wisdom would urge an interest in good relations on the part of Mexican authorities.

If the presidents of Mexico really cared about their people and being a good neighbor, they would find ways to improve international relations and help us address the border crisis, instead of pulling this macho BS.

PS: Where is the American Left in the face of Mexican poverty and the wealth gap? As with their cowardice in the face of Islamic supremacism, they suck their thumbs in silence, except when they gurgle, calling our President a racist.

photo credit: Modified from Presidencia de la República Mexicana Inicio de la Campaña Nacional de Reforestación 2016 y Celebración del Día del Árbol via photopin (license)

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